Chronological History of Les Fils De Hadidian Freres

Antranik and Sarkis Hadidian Arrived in lebanon in 1937, travelling from Alepo Syria They worked manufacturing Filigree silver Jewellery from their home with Sarkis Delivering the finished merchandise by bicycle to Sidon and Tripoli

as the 2nd world war broke out, all the businesses in Lebanon eventually started taking an economic hit, including their filigree business. So the brothers had to find an alternative way to earn a living , one of the things Sarkis did is work at the Sukomi Corporation welding gas canisters for 6 to 7 months. They also alternated back to their old business of filigree jewellery and deliveries during the stable months.

By the time the war came to a close, around 1945 the two brothers had saved enough to rent a shop at the old “souk al sagha” in downtown Beirut and started including gold jewellery in their filigree production. In the span of 5 years they bought the shop and another adjoining locale which they turned into a small workshop, as well as another shop a street behind their original shop.

1961 was their first visit to the Italian jewellery exhibition and the beginning of dealing with Italian manufacturers, importing Italian jewellery and supplying the local market wholesale and retail.

From 1968 onwards the second generation started joining the business, Mihran, Vahe, Vasken and Vicken

1973, Mihran Passed away during the political skirmishes by friendly fire

1975, the civil war broke out, the family continued their business despite the added hardships,

1976, the two original owners of the company, Antranik and Sarkis were shot and killed while at home by guerrillas planning to steal valuables, A plan which was successful.

1977-1979, travels to Africa and Cyprus, supplying retailers with Italian jewellery, as well as working from home in the bullion trade through Swiss companies they had good ties with, through their days in the souk.

1978, Rented their first shop in Bourj Hammoud (not the current one, a smaller one next to it)

1981, rented the current retail shop and continued their retail, wholesale and bullion business.

1984, bought the current building

1988 moved to the 2nd floor and separated the 1st and 2nd floors into local made and imported made jewellery respectively.

1988 onwards, continued expanding and diversifying in our sector through thick and thin to our current day standing.